Re: Jung/PCP & preemption

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Thu, 23 Feb 1995 22:42:08 -0500 (EST)

Chris, and other PCP network participance. . .

Sorry if it came off as *vehemence*.. . .
But, I do object to your assuming that I disdain looking for links. I
should make it clear that I do not so object. I do find it useless to look for
links between two theories which have quite incompatible underlying
At the same time, I am enthralled to find links to positions which do
have very similar underlying assumptions. I think that every constructivist
should read Pirandello and Shakespeare -- and I am delighted to find so much of
social psychology moving over to constructionism, thus giving us many issues to
assess and reconsider. And, the whole move to the discussion of the place of
narrative in psychology, which ties us to so much of discourse theory also will
clearly expand our perspective. And, for a long time I have made it clear that
as personal construct theorists we can find much of value in Piaget and all the
work in developmental psychology that has taken off from his position.
Would you say that that last paragraph demonstrates *preemption?*

Jim Mancuso