Re: Jung/PCP & preemption

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Fri, 24 Feb 1995 21:04:11 -0500 (EST)

Jon, and other PCP Network Participants:

Yes, from my constructions system, as I see the basis of my commitment
to constructionism, the systems of Jung and Kelly derive from incompatible
foundational assumptions. Sorry if I didn't make that clear -- I am, indeed,
speaking from my construction system, and I would like to reach a consensually
validatable construction which would allow us to work from the proposition that
these aforementioned theories do derive from incompatible systems.
I could take the time to elaborate on why -- from my construction
system -- these two theories are incompatible. I did suggest that I regard PCP
as a position which is based on a contextualist ontology. When I have tried to
read Jung, I found myself objecting to the assumptions of a biologically based
mechanistic ontology. Now, of course, that statement would require that I
spell out how I identify *contextualism* and *mechanism.* I do hope that you
will excuse me from doing so in this type of exchange.

Thanks for calling my attention to some points which I did not take
time to elaborate in previous postings.

Jim Mancuso