Re: constructivism vs. alternativism

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Mon, 27 Feb 1995 20:16:34 -0500 (EST)

A. J. Zolten, and other PCP networkers

Nice distincitions, very nice. Comparison at the metatheoretical level
-- always useful. "Outside of my range of convenience," rather than preemption
-- also sounds fine to me. It, at least, does the theorist getting the heat
the favor of assuming that he/she has tested the concept and made an effort to
determine its utility within his/her system.

On the concept comparison level -- we'ld need an extended discussion to
elaborate on my disagreement about the similarity of Freud' concept to anxiety
to anything in PCP. In the first place, in my view, Freud's anxiety comes from
"outside" the construction process. I see anything that one might call
something like anxiety in PCP as coming from "inside" the construction system.
In that I can't go on meeting like this, I will do something which I have tried
to avoid doing -- I will direct the discussion to the Mascolo/Mancuso article
in IJPCP, 1990, v. 3; pp. 205-222. I think that my position on "emotion being
'inside'the construction system" should be clear in that piece.

I appreciate your note.
Jim Mancuso