Re: constructivism vs. alternativism

A. J. Zolten (
28 Feb 95 14:53:34 CST6CDT


I would very much like to read your article, but early issues are
unavailable to me. Instead of asking ILL to get a copy ( at some real
cost) if you, or another reader would, I would like a copy sent
through snailmail (address to follow). My interest in anxiety as
both a constructuve process and (in part) an emotional process is
very intense; I had something to say about this at Indianapolis (my
paaper) but the manuscript, at present, languishes on my desk. Let me
throw caution to the wind and give a very brief commparison between
freudian and Kellyian anxiety.

Suppose oneere to buy into the basic premise that Freud
chaaracterized anxiety as "a reaction to a situation of danger"
(lifted verbatim from Rychlak,1979,p.90) and follow Rychlak's argument
that it is a signal. If one is to bu into the notion that the ego
exists to solve problems (generated in any number of ways), then the
experience of danger means that the ego is unable to function
adequately in solving the particular problem.

Now consider Kelly's view. Anxiety is the comprehension that one's
constructs won't (or don't) apply. A very simple and technically
concise definition. I fone is to buy in to the assumption that
individuals construct systems to solve problems that they experience
(leading to ability to anticipate and elaborate upon those successful
solutions), then anxiety here is also the experience that the problem
solving construction does not adequately function in solving the

I realize that there is alot of ancillary meaning attached to both
ego psychology and the psychology of personal constructs, but
stripped of that (and to the core of the meaning as I construe these
two systems) the similarities are remarkable to me.

I hope that this is thought provoking


PS thanks in advance to anyone who can get me the article