Some data of interest, from Moscow

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Thu, 02 Mar 1995 08:12:35 -0500 (EST)

Hello to PCP network participants:

One of our colleagues, at the Human Technologies Institute at Moscow
University, would be interested in sharing his data on a topic that might be of
interest to those of us who have an interest in television communication.

Alexandre Shmelov has collected data on Russian TV-viewers responses to
the soap opera, SANTA BARBARA. He would be interested in sharing that data
with anyone who might find it useful for some kind of project.
Some of you might have come across Professor Shmelov's work. He and
his colleagues have done a masterful job of programming data collection
routines, many of them centering on grid-like approaches. I am sure he would
welcome inquiries on his programs, as well as on his data.

Professor Shmelov can be reached at:

Careful with that address, I have, on ocassion neglected to insert that
lower case "a" after the "@" symbol!!!!

Shmelov uses English very proefficiently.

Jim Mancuso