Brainpick on Youth

Harry Oxley (
Wed, 15 Mar 1995 13:17:43 +1000

Good Folk All,
Hope this is the right way to spread things around the network -
I've already failed once - but I have a need in my ignorance to pick
brains. Does anyone happen to know of anything more or less recent on any
ways of construing any things tending to be associated with young people -
or 'adolescents' as I find the literature on them mostly labelled.
To set the context, the reason I'm concerned with them is not in
their capacity as 'problems' (to themselves or anybody else) or as members
of what used to be called the 'youth culture', but simply as workers;
because they are such an important labour source for some work
My own question is do these organisations' "cultures" (dodgy word
in this context too, the dimensions of whose dodginess I know well) REFLECT
anything from youth - as 'youth' or as in its generation; like would life
in Macdonalds be the same if all their caffs were staffed by people over
Any aid like recent books, articles or ideas - or arguments in
proof that this is a trashy issue leading nowhere so I can save my time
before wasting any on it - greatly appreciated.
Yours, Harry Oxley
(tame cultural anthropologist in a 'management school')
Harry Oxley