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On the basis of your description, I would guess that you refer to Dennis
Hinkle's chapter in "Perspectives in Personal Construct Theory" edited by
Don Bannister (Academic Press, 1970). As I recall, the title of his chapter
is something along the lines of 'the game of personal constructs'. By the
way, in terms of Rue's (very interesting) hypothesis, Dennis was a
'gridhead' if there ever was one (BTW: I think that I was actually
responsible for coining this particular term during a plenary debate with
Manz Yorke at the 1987 Memphis PCP Congress--I remember that it was Larry
Leitner who asked me to name the contrast pole of this construct; however,I
politely declined to assign a label to members of the 'other camp').

Although I do have a copy of this volume somewhere in my study, I'll leave
it to others to determine whether Hinkle was in fact the author of this
particular 'myth'.


>I have seen the original, and am trying to remember where. I don't have a
>reference to it, but it was an article by Hinkle reminiscing about
>conversations with George Kelly. So it was probably in an edited book, but I
>can't remember which one.
>Does that get us closer?
>David Sims
>>On the pcp oral tradition circuit I have heard it said that Dr Kelly
>>(being pc - does that mean we are politically correct psychologists?)
>>regretted having designed repertory grids because of the uses to which
>>the technique had been put and the way in which people unfamiliar with
>>his writings had led to PCT becoming associated in some peoples's minds
>>with grids as the be-all and end-all.
>>What is the origin of this, and if it is not a myth, has anyone the
>>reference? Maureen Pope suggested we ask you-all.
>>Thank you very much.
>>Gwyneth Cheeseman
>>Department of Community Studies
>>University of Reading

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