Re: Help with origin of Kelly "myth"

Jack Adams-Webber (
Mon, 27 Mar 95 08:28:52 -0500

>Hi, to all the PCP Network Participants:
> Okay, Jack, just because Kelly went on teaching about the use of grid,
>that doesn't mean that he didn't regret having introduced it.

What's your operational definition of 'regret'? He certainly did
not act like a man who regreted having invented grid methodology.
> Besides, we really can't take your evidence as authentic -- after all,
>you're one of the most confirmed "gridheads," I have known.

Nonetheless, as a confirmed constructivist,
'I calls em da way I sees em'.

> Let's keep up the search for the origins of the myth -- does anyone
>have a source by which we can authenticate the non-myth status of the tale???

This is not so much a problem of what is or is not really a 'myth'.

The pragmatic issue is whether the myth in question is or is not useful.

Jim Mancuso

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