Re: cruising the WWW

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Tue, 04 Apr 1995 11:19:03 -0400 (EDT)


On rereading your message, I believe I understand the question!!

You first asked, "out where?"
I meant, out on the electronic circuit. Mildred Shaw and Brian Gaines
have reported that they have it on the circuits at their address:

Where the table of contents, etc., is listed. Be sure to put those PCP/PCP in
capital letters.

If you call at the Stanford cog science address:

you will find the journal listed under the list of relevant journals. Clicking
on the name of the journal will bring up the information on the journal.
I think that Mildred and Brian posted the information on the Stanford
setup, from where one can link to their KSI setup.

I am passing out this information, and I hope that I have reported all
of it "accurately" -- including having copied the addresses correctly. If any
of this is misleading, I would appreciate corrections.

Jim Mancuso