re: cruising the WWW
Wed, 5 Apr 1995 00:14:27 +0000

Dear Ana,

>dear Devi, can you tell me what is it all about (WWW I mean). It seems
>that i missed a step. Thanks. Ana

Hi Ana, nice to hear from you on the mailgroup. I have a very crude model
of netspace (but it's mine all mine, and I love it dearly), and so my
response will have all the other subscribers (you _do_ realise that when
you mail to <> instead of to a personal e-mail address,
everyone else gets to read it, yes?) falling about in the aisles.
Constructive alternativists to a wo/man, they'll forgive me once they've
wiped the tears from their eyes.

So, basically, the World-Wide-Web is a particular form of network which
accesses all the files which other retrieval systems (like GOPHER, FETCH,
and ANARCHIE) accesses, but has the property that all forms of file (text,
graphic, movie, sound) can be accessed and displayed on your screen in an
integrated manner, and with hypertext links on screen which move you
elegantly to other related files by a simple point-and-click of your mouse:
provided you have an appropriate reader, probably the most common one being
MOSAIC. You can pull MOSAIC itself down to your own machine by using FETCH,
or at least I did for my Macintosh computer, by ftp'ing a software archive
on /pub/mac.


Look out for the next issue of the EPCA Newsletter, out in 2 weeks time,
for some WWW addresses, including such goodies as the pcp site put together
by Brian Gaines and Mildred Shaw.

If no-one else has responded to your query by then, I'll give you a demo at
Barcelona (assuming you're going?). Where I travel, so does my trusty
Macintosh Powerbook.

There now: I've managed to advertise the EPCA Newsletter and the Macintosh,
both in the one mailing. A bas les DOS-bashers, and goodnight!


Devi Jankowicz