Wed, 5 Apr 1995 00:14:50 +0000

Dear everyone,

Please, please, please don't get upset with me if I suggest a tiny bit of
netiquette which is quite common on newsgroups and which I'd advocate on
our own mailing list.

I notice lots of people, responding to items previously placed on the
newsgroup, quote the _entire_ item to which they're responding, (including
_all_ the header information!), when all they need do is quote the relevant
part. The convention is to use a > character in front of the one or two
lines that need quoting to provide the context of the reply, rather than
including the whole item to which the response is being made. An indication
that bits of the original item have been missed out isn't necessary, but
can be given by the convention of typing the characters <snip> in place of
the missing material.

I like to archive interesting mailings on my hard disc, and it's slowly
filling up with needlessly long and _duplicated_ items!

(Written from a sense of helpfulness rather than to be a smartarse, honest)

Kindest regards,