Re: cruising the WWW
Fri, 07 Apr 95 20:14:27


The question that comes to my mind is why would anyone who had any
genuine concern about PCP, for any reason whatsoever, and especially
for narrow, self-serving, self-aggrandizing reasons as exemplified by
your concerns about "significant copyright and subscription issues",
put any impediments whatsoever, in the way of the widest possible
dissemination of the ideas of GAK. You didn't originate those ideas.

Joe Whitehurst

> Because my name has gotten tangled in the threads of these
> about the WWW, maybe I should take responsibility for sorting
things out.
> Basically, I offered forthcoming contents for the Journal of
> Psychology electronically to Brian Gaines and Mildred Shaw, who
> generous enough to post this information (as well as subsription
> instructions) as a hypertext option on the PCP home page in the
Web, the
> fastest-growing and slickest segment of the Internet. I look
forward to
> the day when the whole journal will be available on-line, but there
> significant copyright and subscription issues to be dealt with
before that
> will become an eventuality.
> Thanks for the interest. Those who wish more information on
> can call 1(800)821-8312 (within North America) and +44 (0)
256-840366 (UK
> and other countries). Discounted subscriptions can also be obtained
> membership in NAPCN, for people in any region.
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