Re: Robert A. Neimeyer's post re: cruising the WWW
Tue, 11 Apr 95 20:44:05 -0400


Thanks for your thoughtful, useful reply. You said:

> At best, your messages are very conducive to multiple

I agree with you that my messages, concerning this thread, might
provoke a variety of constructions. JW

> And, as you can see -- other writers agree with me that you might
>try to be cautious about how you use the language.

So far only a few days have elapsed, and I've seen very few public
posts regarding this thread. Perhaps more will appear. JW

> The message in which you reproduce Brian's and Bob's messages, as
> I see it, doesn't make a useful point.

The fact that you have not yet seen what I regard as a useful point
does not mean that others might not. I will continue to be
attentive. I still believe events need to be construed over time and
not just for the immediate moment.

Joe Whitehurst


The greatest empiricists among us are only empiricists on reflection:
when left to their instincts, they dogmatize like infallible popes.

James, 1896