full mailboxes

Joern Scheer (Joern.Scheer@med.uni-giessen.de)
Thu, 13 Apr 1995 10:52:11 +0100 (MET)

Dear all,
and thank you, Devi, for your plea not to block our hard discs.
I have some more suggestions to relieve our mailboxes from uninformative

If you want to send a "personal" answer to someone who asked a question
through the network: DON`T use the "reply" mode of your email system because
that will send the answer to all uf us. You'll have to use the email address
of the person in question.

If you want to "JOIN, LEAVE, SUSPEND MAIL, RESUME MAIL PCP" etc., DON`T send
Send it to: mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk
They will take care of it without bothering the rest of us.

This is also the address if you want general information about ours and
other networks:
"send user-FAQ" (meaning Frequently Asked Questions concerning the system)
"review pcp" (giving a list of all the list/network members with their
email addresses, and shows how many messages are sent per day...)
"file mailbase user-card"
"lists full" (shows all the networks administered by mailbase (several
hundred, but two or three may be of interest to you))
"find lists medical" (if you are interested in specific networks).

If you have "personal" questions to the mailbase operator (like "why didn't
my SUSPEND MAIL commmand work", answer: "because one part of your address
was changed by your national administrators without you noticing it"), you
could address:

See you in Barcelona!
Joern Scheer