Re: Journal Access on WWW

Lynn Diana Benson (
Thu, 13 Apr 1995 16:19:44 +0100 (BST)

Hi there,
I have read, at first with interest and more recently with
exasperation, postings on access to copyright journal materials on the
WWW/Internet. Here is a simple solution, take it or leave it.

Put one edition of the Journal onto the Internet for any one to access
free of charge. This would be little different to the current
arrangement that the publisher has whereby they send any one who is
interested one free edition plus a questionnaire and subscription
details. Further editions could be made available over the Internet or
WWW via subscription using Visa/Mastercard etc, in the same way that many
other electronic information sources seem to operate.

I apologise in advance if I have used the wrong terminology with regard
to Internet/WWW, I am just beginning to feel my way around what is
available. I think though that this suggestion would maintain the
protection of copyright for Journal contributers/publishers whilst
widening the potential readership.

I look forward to reading responses after the British Bank Holiday!

With best wishes,

Lynn Benson
University of Teesside