re: all seems quiet
Wed, 19 Apr 1995 01:17:49 +0000

Hi all,

A quick response to Jim Mancuso's suggestion for a pcp-professing CD-ROM.
Brilliant idea. I'd contribute the idea of a cartoon-like exposition of
techniques, as an example of user-friendly presentation (albeit aimed at
professionals, which I know isn't primarily what you intend- but it's the
idea I want to exemplify) _if_ anyone thought it worthwhile, and _if_ I had
the time to work it up and think it through. I'm sending you (Jim) a sample
of what I mean; anyone else interested that's going to Barcelona can see
what I'm on about by turning to the "Cookery Corner" section of the _EPCA
Newsletter_, copies of which will be available at the Congress in a
shameless attempt to attract new members.

Far better than anything I could contribute, however, would be material
from Laurie Thomas (Brunel University), who's been banging on about just
this sort of resource, and producing 'em in book version, for a decade or
so now. I don't have an e-mail number for him, but his phone number at
Brunel is 0044-1895-230269.

Kindest regards,

Devi Jankowicz