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Walter.Scales (
Thu, 20 Apr 1995 19:17:29 +0000

European Union-funded PEPITA Study, by the University of Sunderland.

Thank you for allowing me to post to your list - I apologise if you see this
posting on any other list.

PEPITA is based around a survey of IT usage in the sectors of Health,
Education, Public Administration, Commercial, and Urban and Regional
organisations anywhere in the European Union. The results of the survey
will feed into the EU Fourth Framework on Telematics, and so it is crucial
to hear from as many users of IT as possible - whether or nor they are IT
specialists. In other words, whether you are a teacher or lecturer, lawyer or
doctor, public administrator or librarian, the survey, to be successful, needs
to canvass your opinion on the place of IT in whatever business processes you
are engaged in at your organisation, whether you are based in the UK or in
the EU.

In order to ensure the validity of the survey, I am asking you to very
kindly see if you can help me by taking a look at our Web PEPITA pages if
you have access to a Web browser like Mosaic, and, if you can spare a few
minutes, complete the interactive questionnaire form. The Web pages describe
PEPITA in much more detail than would be polite for me to do here. The process
of completing a Web questionnaire is still novel, and I hope that in itself
might be interesting for you. Please feel free to telephone, fax, or
Email me with any query whatsoever.

The Web address is:

(Please note: pepita numeric 1 not alpha l)

Thank you again for allowing me to address your list.

Walter Scales
Research Assistant
PEPITA Project
University of Sunderland
Telephone: (0191) 515 2794
Fax: (0191) 515 2960