Netscape V1.1

Brian Gaines (
Wed, 26 Apr 1995 14:09:26 -0600

Netscape V1.1 has just been released. The official sites are very overloaded
so I've mirrored it here again:

We've been asked about using WebGrid from lynx. Version 2.3.7 of lynx
has proper forms support and you can do a complete grid elicitation from
a dumb terminal with it. It's obviously not as nice as a graphics browser,
but works remarkbly well considering the limited capabilities of the terminal.

Version 2.3 of lynx didn't fully support forms and will not work with WebGrid.

To check your version just type:-

lynx -version

The latest version is freely available if you need to update:-

To run WebGrid from lynx type:


It takes you back 20 years to the ASCII teleprinter age, but it works!


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