Re: Getting Luis Botella's e-mail address

Jack Adams-Webber (
Mon, 8 May 95 08:10:13 -0400

Hi Jim, et al.:

You may want to give this one a try -- I haven't enjoyed any success with it.

Good luck....JA-W


Date: Thu, 4 May 1995 18:25:55 --100
From: bcilluis@bci-router (Lluis Botella)
Apparently-To: jadams

Dear Professor Adams-Webber,
I'm available via E-mail since a few days ago.
Though I'm afraid the system is still not quite reliable on this end, you can
try to get in touch with me electroncally regarding any comments about
your participation in the Barcelona PCP Conference (see E-mail address
at the heading).

Luis Botella
Department of Psychology
Ramon Llull University
Cister 24-34

Fax: 3 418 85 27

Jack Adams-Webber Tel: 905 (688) 5544 [x 3714]
Department of Psychology Fax: 905 (688) 6922
Brock University E-mail:
St. Catharines, Ontario