calling Warren Watson
Sun, 14 May 1995 19:32:01 +0000

My apologies for troubling everyone; but I need to get a message through to
Warren Watson and don't have his e-mail address.

Hi Warren,

I enjoyed your item in _Jn. Const. Psy._ 95, 8, 1. Good to see some
business applications published therein. (Hahar; bring them etoliated
buggers down off the clouds and expose them to the blood-red meat of the
profit motive,
sez oi.)

If your research interest stretches to the other side of the coin, as it
were (bank lending officers' and venture capitalists' constructions of the
effective entrepreneur) you might find the following references valuable.
All are grid-based empirical studies, and the first provides a full
construct listing complementary to your own: might make for a comparison
paper, if you were interested?

Hisrich R.D. & Jankowicz A.D. "Intuition in venture capital decisions: an
exploratory study using a new technique" _Journal of Business Venturing_
1990, 5, 1, 49-62.
Jankowicz A.D. "Intuition in small business lending" _Journal of Small
Business Management_ 1987, 25, 3, 45-52.
Jankowicz A.D. & Hisrich R.D. "Intuition in venture capital decisions: an
exploratory study" in Kirchoff B.A. (ed.) _Frontiers of Entrepreneurship
Research: the Babson Congress Proceedings_, Calgary Alberta, 1988.

Kindest regards,

Devi Jankowicz