Re: Vigotsky, Rogoff, Kelly
Tue, 23 May 1995 17:34:32 EST

Hemant Desai writes:

> [to] apply a model of discovery oriented learning, custonmized to suit
> each preschool through middle school child, is not possible (at least
> not within most of the public shcool systems I have seen.

Indeed, public schools are in need of such a model of education, as
well as the scaffolding approaches that Suzanne has discussed. It might
be interested to note that in Massachusetts, there are some school systems
that have instituted Montessori classrooms throughout the early years
(perhaps up to middle school, I forget). This suggests that it is at
least possible to implement discovery learning in public schools.
Also, despite its appeal, educators within the school system that offers
Montessori indicate that many, but not all students profit from it.
Clearly, a diversity of models may be needed,

Mike Mascolo