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Aaron Pun (
Wed, 24 May 1995 15:33:40 -0400 (EDT)

I concur that Devi Jankowickz' discussion of connecting OD, Action
Learing, PCP and adult learning very interesting. I wish to share briefly
that Kelly's theory, Reg Revann's approach, Schon's reflective
practitioner's idea and Freire & Knowles adult learning philosophy were
put into practice by a group of OD practitioners with the endorsement of
the academic institutes.

The projected started off with our frustration of the conventional
approaches in adopting the classroom teaching way of equipping the
training managers with the necessary skills as a faciliator for
organizational learning and as an agent for change. The training for
trainer's program or even the university postgraduate programs with a
prescribed syllabus fail to meet their needs.

My partners Ivor Thomas who is now directing the Senior Staff Course
Centre in HK and Dr Pete Man who is now Director of Training at Cyprus
Administrative College brought togather an action learning program with
training managers coming from different sectors to define what they need
to learn, the problem they face, the competence they wish to
develop... and the action learning approach was adopted. They spend one
full year in the action learning projects and presented the change made
in organizations they worked with. These papers were examined by the
University of East Asia and externally examined by the University of
Manchester. The UK Institute of Training and Development also awarded the
gradutes with a Diploma.

One of the very interesting things in the curriculm is that Kelly's theory
was considered to be very important for the training professional. One of
the course participants who is a manager from the Price Waterhouse spent
time with faciliators like me who know something but not to any degree as
an expert in PCP like people in this listserver began to explored how PCP
can be applied in training needs studies and other managment training
areas. This course participant, Simon Fitzgeorge further built into his
Asian wide training program with the adult learning ethos. We have since
then applied PCP in other areas of OD.

For those who are interested in this experience can find the article
written at the Industrial and Commerical Training, 22, 2, 9-16 MCB Press.
The article is know as "From Teaching To Learning: An Approach To Trainer
Development". This experience has accidentally led me to my interest in
examining the application of OD and action learning approaches in the
Chinese culture. I am now using the PCP approach to look into the cross
cultural differences in organizational behaviour - The pereception of the
Hong Kong Chinese who work across the cultural line in Canada. I am using
a GPACK for analysis and I wish to get connected with people in Toronto
who can offer me kind advice for analysis. My research is basically a
qualitative one and the PCP is a very good tool I wish to make use of in
this study. Please call, email or fax me.

I would like to have information about the Banff conference. I am making
active plan to join but is it too late by now? Can I be enlightened on
the content...and other administrative details?

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On Tue, 23 May 1995 wrote:

> Devi Jankowicz' discussion of the active learning models implemented bhy
> organizations to train adult learners is intriguing -- especially given
> his point that organizations have been mindful of the difficulties in
> transferring classroom learning to organizational settings. I wonder if
> we should be similarly mindful of maintaining our present models of
> learning in the classroom. What do you think, Devi, of transferring the
> active learning models of organizations to the classroom? Do you think
> college students would profit? Or are the conditions of the adult learner
> not applicable to our present day college students (which would be
> unfortunate indeed)??
> Mike Mascolo