Re: depression and suggestibility

Travis Gee (
Mon, 12 Jun 95 20:39:44 EDT

Sorry 'bout the cross-posting, but this appeared on another list
( I thought that this forum might contain
someone who could point to a few sources on the probably-done
research, since the Kellian model is ideal for examining this kind of
stuff: :-)

> I suggest a simple experiment that has probably already been done several
> or many times. There are people who vacillate between hating someone and
> liking the same individual. While in each of the two states have them list
> the things that they like and dislike about that individual. I think that
> the results will be as expected by anyone who has been in a long term
> relationship and had all of their past sins remembered when the other
> person is angry with them.
> William G. Hagerbaumer

please reply to me and I'll summarize the cites for William and post
to that group.

Many TIA!
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