for Chris Evans
Wed, 14 Jun 1995 00:41:48 +0000

Repeated via the pcp mailing list since my provider bounced it when sending
it directly to your e-mail address. Sorry!

Dear Chris,

>> and my own brief account in
>> the review chapter of business applications I did in Neimeyer R.A. &
>> Neimeyer's Advances in Personal Construct Psychology vol. 1 JAI Press 1989?
>No, sorry, not a book I've read to my discredit. Any chance of a
>reprint of your chapter? Don't suppose you've got it in MIME
>sendable format or could put it across as RTF or ASCII?!

Sorry, no, I wrote it before I got my Macintosh; it now exists only in
hard-copy format. But I'll snail-mail you a photocopy tomorrow.


Devi Jankowicz