help:measures of structure for meditators
Wed, 14 Jun 1995 15:45:57 +0700

Dear list members,
I am a Ph.D. student at the University of Hong Kong
presently investigating the effects of Qigong (chinese
meditation) on the structure of a person's construct system. As
meditation can be "construed" as the temporary suspension of all
construing or as the freedom from construing one's experience I
am very interested to see how such an activity may influence a
person's construct system. I have been working quite closely
with Dr. Geoffrey Blowers on this issue and he suggested I may
subscribe to the pcp mailservice and ask if anyone has heard of
the reportory grid being used to measure meditators' construct
system before or if any interested party has any insightful
suggestions as to what may be the best way to measure the change
in the structure of the meditators' construct system.
I have taught a group of 18 students this form of
meditation over a period of about 3 months and have administered
the repertory grid both before and after the course. At the
post-test the subjects were presented with the same elicited
constructs and set elements (significant people). I have
submitted the data to the Ingrid program and am presently at work
with the output and trying to find ways of using the information
in this output to test my hypothesis that the structure of the
construct system will change as a result of meditation.
If anyone has the time and finds this question
interesting I would certainly appreciate any constructive or
insightful suggestions you may have. I do realize there are
numerous measures of structure that have been used but I have yet
to come across an article that has used them with meditators.
I thank you in advance and hope to hear any ideas you may have.

Yours sincerely,

Allen Dorcas
Psychology Department
University of Hong Kong