Nouveau venu

Guy Bilodeau (
Sun, 25 Jun 1995 14:14:26 GMT

Happy to join the group,
As suggested by your introduction message: "new members are encouraged to
send a brief synopsis of their work=8A", here is mine.
I work as a private Communications Trainer and Consultant mainly in the
fields of Heath and Welfare, Education, and Public Services. I developped
my own material, over the years, mostly inspired by NLP, systemic analysis,
different brief intervention schools and from Constructivism as illustrated
in Watzlawick's book: =ABM=FCnchhausen's Pigtail=BB.
My main point of vue is the influence of Beliefs (personnal, professionnal,
organisational and social) on perceptions, and the concrete interactions
between those oriented perceptions and emotions, behavior and physiology
(personnal and organisational). My main "credo" is that liberation of
potential goes by establishing an harmonized stream within that system.
I give my seminars mainly to teachers, psychologists, social workers,
health workers, and managers.
I discovered your movement through Internet and I am wery much excited from
the litte I allready read. I almost got to Barcelona but It was too short.
As you see, my english is very elementary, but I read it much better than I
However, do any of you know good french translations of PCP works? I would
be very gratefull to know and maybe have some of it more easily spread
among french speaking colleages.
Au revoir et merci,

Guy Bilodeau
Casier postal 416, Phone: (819)233-2564
St-Gregoire de B=E9cancour FAX: (819)233-4446
(Qu=E9bec) Canada =20