Query re construct systems & hope/insight

ellen balze (BALZE@VM.TEMPLE.EDU)
Fri, 04 Aug 95 09:37:10 EDT

I am a doctoral student in clinical psychology at Temple University in
Philadelphia and am new to the list. I am currently doing some preliminary
research on suggestibility, persuasion, and so-called placebo responses.
I've been reading a lot of Kelly lately and have found personal construct
psychology relevant & helpful for thinking about these issues. What I
*haven't* found is whether & how PC theory specifically addresses the
relationship between particular features of a person's construct system and
what I've come to think of as "mobilization of hope"--that moment when a
person is able to use a given situation or interaction as a solution, an
insight, an occasion for growth or healing. Does Kelly address this issue
specifically anywhere? Has anyone else in PCP taken it up? Another way to
phrase my question is: is it possible to characterize someone who is ready to
"buy" a new idea--or ready to change--in terms of what I would call structural
features of his or her construct system? I realize this is a pretty basic
question--I'm new at this--but if anyone has the patience to steer me in the
right direction with a citation or a few words of wisdom, I'd be much obliged.

Ellen Balze
Temple University