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Wed, 9 Aug 1995 12:24:45 +1000

Hi all,
I'm a PhD student and Peter Caputi has kindly given me access to his
email facility. For my research project I am looking at the impact
of dementia on sexual intimacy within the marital relationship. I
don't believe anyone has ever developed and published a Constructivist Model of
Sexuality; however, I was wondering whether any of you have played
around with one. As I am looking at a taboo issue with a difficult
population - the elderly - I was also wondering whether anyone has
any ideas about recruitment of research participants. I will have no
trouble with recruiting caregivers of dementia sufferers, as I have
the support of the NSW Alzheimer's Association. My biggest problem
is how do I recruit healthy elderly married couples who wish to talk
about sexual/intimacy issues? I would really appreciate any feedback
on this. You can reply via Peter Caputi or my email address is
Thank you,
Marilyn Rudd.

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