re: counsellor constructs
Thu, 10 Aug 1995 00:17:16 +0000

Me again. What a rich thread Carolyn's original posting has created!

Chris Evans quotes Jack Gerber

>Jack Gerber said:
>> I have been following this discussion with interest. One of the
>> suggestions was to use a rep grid to investigate. I have been wrestling
>> for years with the problem of trying to use a grid to investigate the
>> personal contructs of a group of people. The problem is that (at least
>> as I understand it) each person uses his or her OWN constructs. How does
>> one compare them between people then?

and goes on to suggest that one way of doing so is to make judgements about
constructs of similar meaning, and group them accordingly: content
analysis, in other words.

A good description relating to the aggregation of grids was published by
Peter Honey as:

Honey P. "The Repertory Grid in Action" _Journal of Industrial and
Commercial Training_ 1977, 11, 452-459

and appeared, together with reliability checks, as a "Cookery Corner"
procedural guide in the Newsletter of the European Personal Construct
Association, 1992, 1, 1, 23-24.

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Devi jankowicz