Contextualist/constructionist response to DSMIV

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Wed, 16 Aug 1995 16:10:35 -0400 (EDT)

Hello to PCP net participants:

Ted Sarbin and I prepared a short paper for presentation at Amer Psych
Assoc meetings, in NYC -- a part of a symposium on the rhetoric of science
underlying the preparation of the Amer Psychiatric assoc's DSMIV.

It is a short (??) paper -- so I am taking the liberty of sending it
out as a standard message. The paper will appear in a separate mailing.
Our purpose, other than sharing it with anyone who might be interested,
entails an effort to solicit your response to the question posed to the panel
members by Robert Spitzer, one of the key scholars who have engaged in the
development of DSM. After sitting through the papers, Prof. Spitzer
challenged the panel to present an alternative to the DSMIV. That is, he asked
us to indicate what we would recommend as a suitable alternative.

I know that many PCP people become involved with situations in which
the DSM takes a central position.
How might a contextualist/constructivist respond to Professor Spitzer's

Look for the posting which contains the text of the paper. We will
welcome comments, as well your responses to the Spitzer's question.

Jim Mancuso