RE: MM\symbolic interactionism and PCP

Beverly Walker (
31 Aug 1995 10:42:20 +1000

Well said Devi,

I must say I found Mike's comments strange, coming in an eight day period

- the Wollongong PCP group had a very stimulating discussion about construing
processes in severely 'cognitively impaired' individuals

- we had another discussion on preverbal construing in which many of the
members provided their earliest memories as examples of their discriminations.
I showed the group one of my constructs consisting of two postcards, which
have been displayed side-by-side in my room for many years, one a painting of
a bush landscape in Wollongong, the other a sunflower from Umbria. I had only
realised this was a construct when, using techniques from poetry workshops in
a pcp session led by Richard Bell (he's not just a grid-freak Malcolm),
sunflowers became the symbol of a pole of a construct. The construing is
quite complex and can't readily be expressed in words.

- I played a video of Helen Jones working with a client and Helen says at one
point 'you can construe with mud if you like'.

- I'm busy arranging a visit by Tom Ravenette, who has worked predominantly
with young children and has developed many innovative non-verbal techniques to
explore meaning.