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Mon, 04 Sep 1995 12:49:24 -0400 (EDT)

Liondsay, et al

When I spoke of "bothering someone," I had in mind the person his/her
self. Persons can be said to be bothered by their own behaviors.
I make that claim on the basis of an analysis of SELF which leads to
the claim that people, for the most part, develop two self concepts -- (1) story
teller self, and (2) actor self.
The story teller self becomes "mystified" by the actor self, and
becomes "bothered" by the origins of the stories which the actor enacts.
A long story, from this story teller, but it seems to be a good one.
Particularly when we have persons who claim that they are "bothered" by their
own behavior.

Jim Mancuso