Re: Message from Bill Chambers
Wed, 13 Sep 1995 20:04:32 -0400

I guess I'd be one of those described in the following lines:

"We are to Kelly new.
We are naive, through and through.
We must grovel to be mature like you.
This is how students climb the ladder"

Although I haven't met any of you in person, just through E-mail and
journal articles, so far my perception of those involved in PCP has been
very positive. No one has asked me to "grovel" yet. In fact, I've been
very impressed with the fact that even the "leaders" have been willing to
correspond with me. The poem makes you sound like followers of a "Kelly
Cult". I think that much of what Bill finds distasteful is true in the
field of psychology in general, not just PCP. IMO- The push to publish has
corrupted scholarship in every academic field.
I don't know about Kelly turning over in his grave, but I think he might be
curious about Bill's construction of events at PCP conferences and the role
publication plays in our lives.
Caroline Cook