Re: A paper on the ideological premises supporting the rhetoric of DSMIV

Mildred L G Shaw (
Thu, 14 Sep 1995 10:22:34 -0700

Hi Jon,

>I have missed much of the discussion on DSM-IV that was prompted by Jim's
>posting of his APA presentation with Sarbin (which I had the honor to attend).
>Can anyone fill me in on some of the responses that networkers had to the

You, and others, may like to know that all the mail on the pcp listserver
is archived on the NAPCN web site up to the end of August. (I think most
of the discussion on DSM was last month.)

You can search the mail archives by thread, date, subject, and author.

If anyone would like details, I could post the notes that I handed
out at Barcelona on how to access the web, how to set up sites, and
what is on the NAPCN web site.