PC Access

Sun, 17 Sep 1995 17:47:12 -0400

As a suggestion to further expand Kelly's work, perhaps those writing
computer programs could put them in the form of freeware and/or shareware on
the major services such as America On-Line, Prodigy, and Compu-Serve. File
searches under Personal Construct Psychology, PCP, Kelly and Psychology
should be able to find all related files. Also could a hyperlink be made to
download these files from the PCP Home Page. I do not see a link. OmniGrid
would be one I would like to be able to try before using. I also know that
Bill Chambers did write a program many years ago as freeware.

Getting these tools out where they will be used increases people's awareness
of them. Making them easy to use encourages others to use the ideas.