Advances in Personal Construct Psychology book announcement

R. A. Neimeyer, U of Memphis (neimeyerra@MSUVX1.MEMPHIS.EDU)
Wed, 20 Sep 1995 18:03:37 -0600

Volume 3 of Advances in Personal Construct Psychology is now in print--I
just got mine today. This means, among other things, that we can start
thinking seriously about Volume 4 (projected for publication in 1997). For
those of you unfamiliar with the series (previous volumes appeared in '90
and '92), it is intended as an anthology of high-level conceptual,
methodological, empirical, and applied reviews of personal construct work,
often representing systematic presentations and critical appraisals of
progressive research programs conducted by the authors. Previous authors
have included David Winter on alternative therapies in health service
settings, Richard Bell on repertory grid technique, Jack Adams-Webber on
structural assymetries in construct systems, Linda Viney on physical
illness, Devi Jankowicz on business applications of PCT, Joe Rychlak on
oppositionality of constructs, Michael Mascolo and Jim Mancuso on
self-evaluative emotions, and Guillem Feixas on family constructs, to name
a few.

We are now soliciting proposals for substantial (e.g., 40 page) chapters
for Volume 4. If you have an idea for such a chapter, feel free to contact
me at the e-mail (or snail mail) addresses included in this posting. We
have been eager to stretch the concept of the series to make room for newer
voices as well as established contributors to the theory, and have
"dilated" the definition of PCT to incorporate some consideration of
kindred developments in other constructivist areas, as reflected in the
contents of the volume just published. We already have some strong
proposals for Volume 4 (manuscripts will probably be due in late spring of
'96), so we look forward to rounding out the issue in the near future.
Hope to hear from you.

For those of you who are interested in the Table of Contents of Volume 3,
it appears below. Thanks.

Table of Contents for

Advances in Personal Construct Psychology (vol. 3)

Edited by

Robert A. Neimeyer, University of Memphis


Greg J. Neimeyer, University of Florida



Chapter 1. Personal construct psychology, constructivism, and postmodern
Luis Botella

Chapter 2. Toward a more realistic constructivism
Khosrow Bagheri Noaparast

Chapter 3. Grammatology of social construing
John Solas


Chapter 4. Education and the narrative of self:
Of maps and stories
C. T. Patrick Diamond

Chapter 5. Content analysis for creating and depicting aggregated

construct derived cognitive maps
Robin Hill

Chapter 6. Personal change following organizational entry:
From a role-person fit model to a PCP framework
Valerie Fournier


Chapter 7. Personal theories in psychotherapy:
Toward an epistemology of practice
Lon Glover

Chapter 8. Long term effects of child sexual abuse:
Toward a constructivist theory of trauma and its treatment
Stephanie Lewis Harter & Robert A. Neimeyer

Chapter 9. Re-thinking hostility:
Is it ever better to fight than switch?
David T. Pfenninger & Reid E. Klion

Chapter 10. The awful, aweful nature of ROLE relationships
Larry M. Leitner & April J. Faidley

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