Kelly & others
Fri, 22 Sep 1995 10:57:54 -0500 (CDT)

Shifting gears a bit here -- back to Tim's remarks a few days ago re PCP
subsuming other theoretical systems. In ed psych (at least in the US) it seems
to be the other way around, more like what Merton called OBI (obliteration by
incorporation) e.g. I have a volume here which ascribes the notion of
permeability to William Perry! Also reviewing a new Novak & Purkey text which
groups Kelly with a numder of others including AW Combs under the latter's term
"perceptual" approaches. Over time, it seems to me that Combs became more
Kellian, tho I can't find him citing GAK. (But then we all know GAK didn't
cite much of what he'd read, absorbed and made his own.) Of course, Combs was
writing quite extensively about teaching and teacher ed in the 60s, and PCP had to wait
until 81 for the first comprrehensive discussion of education (I refer to POpe
& Keen PCP and education.) Maureen, have you considered a volume 2 including
some of your more recent work, Diamond, Shapiro etc? (and _many_ others, those
were just the first 2 names to pop into my head.)

There's another question amid my rambling -- does anyone know of a fairly
consise piece comparing/contrasting Combs & Kelly? (Sort of cite on the run
bit so I can justify pulling in what I view as more Kellian Combs without
adding too many more pages to a dissertation that's already too long!) Any
help here would be greatly appreciated.

Suzanne Huffman