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Jack Adams-Webber (
Mon, 2 Oct 1995 08:24:58 -0400

>c) The Self-Referential 3-Way Mirror Limit???
>Has anyone noticed, taken seriously enough to research, or even published
>something on the following limitation in our apperceptions of iterated
>self-referential statements: (*)
>- I can aprehend the meaning of a sentence like "I think" readily, of course
>- I can similarly apprehend the meaning of the sentence "I think (that) you
>think" easily enough
>- I can manage to apprehend "I think you think I think"
>- but one more iteration, "I think you think I think you think" and my
>ability to hold the reflected meaning evaporates, and all I'm left with is
>the value of the written text as a calculus for (i.e. representation of)
>the meaning.
>(*) If no-one has, I hereby claim this as _Jankowicz's_ Self-Referential
>3-Way Mirror Limit; fame at last!
>Something to do with information-processing limitations, no doubt;
>something to do with the way in which we encode information, perhaps.

Hi Devi:

Good insight; however, I'm afraid that Vladimir Lefebvre beat you off the
mark on this one:

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