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Lawrence Longauer (lawlong@telepost.no)
Mon, 2 Oct 1995 15:52:56 +0100

>I recall being uncomfortably shocked by Albert Ellis at a workshop he gave
>at Barcelona
>a couple of years ago. His attitude towards clients seemed to me extremely

Ellis believes he has some very useful truths and that he is an expert on
rationality. PCP people are a litte to modest. There are some useful social
constructs that can be bought off the rack.

>and he stated (in front of an audience of about 300 people) that neurotics
>are neurotics
>because (quote) they're 'out of their fucking mind'. I don't mean that as
>a critique to RET,
>since any approach ultimately trascends its own advocates, but I can't
>help wondering
Ellis has
>become a too radical advocate of his own ideas.
>Luis Botella

I read somewhere that schools of thought like businesses have to emphasize
and exagerate their unique features to distinguish themselves and justify
their existance. Maybe Ellis is afraid of becoming too main stream and
getting lost in the crowd.