Re: PCP software

Magnus Larsson (
Mon, 2 Oct 95 21:23:49 +0100

>Some years ago I did a paper on the therapeutic effects of using
>computerized gridrep (Apple II). I would like to know where I can get ahold
>of newer PCP sofware for the Mac or DOS.
>Is anyone acquainted with the use of mindmaps, flowcharting programs for
>representing an individuals construct systems?
>I wonder how the advent of virtual realities impacted PCP psychology? It
>has been some years since I have read PCP.

I myself is some kind of newcomer to the PCP-field in a stricter sense. But
I have worked for a time with a software called Graphics Cope, designed to
manage maps of construct. The program is designed to be an aid in Cognitive
Mapping technique, delveopled by Colin Eden and associates at University of
Strathclyde, Glasgow, Sctland. You can find information about the program on
the web URL, or by phone 041-552
4400, ext 3609 (Marjorie Sweeney). If you have any problems in getting
information, I can help you further.

Good luck!

Magnus Larsson