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Chris Evans (
Wed, 4 Oct 1995 10:23:23 +0000

> Concerning the planning of an evaluation using Repertory Grids:
... a lot deleted ...
> One of my main problems is how to do the eliciting and rating
> procedure with children, 7-15 years old, and perhaps with attention
> deficits. A second problem is wich elements are better to use with
> the children, to assess changes in self persceptions and self
> esteem.
> Anybody having any comments, advice or experience is warmly welcome!
Thanks, sounds like a good project. My limited experience using
grids with young adults with learning difficulties was that ranking
the elements after marking them on cards (sometimes using little
cartoons and making quite sure that the participants could identify
all the cards) worked well. I don't think triadic elicitation will
work though. We imposed and I think you could easily do free
elicitation (i.e. pick out constructs used in conversation by the
individual) and I think monadic elicitation ("tell me something about
XX") or dyadic ("how are XX and YY different") are more likely to
work than triadic.

Just my thoughts on very limited real experiencethough I think this
squares with the experiences of others I've talked to and, I think,
to work in the literature (Phillida Salmon's work with children?)

Good luck,


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