Re: child psychology/personal space

W Ramsay (
Mon, 09 Oct 1995 09:02:41 +0100

Kenneth Baker writes:

>I'm looking for any current research on when children develop a need for
>personal space - time away from siblings, parents and peers. I'm
>especially curious if there's anything on whether lack of time away from
>siblings could be a factor in sibling aggression. Can anyone point me in
>the right direction?
I can't help you with the search, Kenneth, but if anecdotal evidence helps
my younger daughter used to do this regular as clockwork at 5:00 p.m. every
day from the time she was capable of independent play until the teenage
withdrawal bit, when we couldn't really tell. She soon acquired a permanent
corner for this. Interestingly it was within earshot of the kitchen and had
a view over the garden and the back garden gate - the usual approach route
for friends and neighbours, so it looks like a constructivist approach to
explaining it could be the way. Worth following up.