Travis Gee (
Wed, 11 Oct 95 9:53:33 EDT

Concerning the recent SPAM from


who wrote:

> ----> NOTE: if you previously replied via email to this message, filling
> in the form completely, and it has been more than 48 hrs. since you sent it
> in and still have not received a reply, please reply again, to the FAX OR
> SMAIL ADDRESS shown below. They will then send you their FREE catalogue by
> email, along with complete info on how their club works. They are very
> sorry if you have not yet received a reply and would appreciate your
> sending it again to their fax or smail address. Thank you. <-----

The headers were untraceable, so mailbombing this person is not
feasible. It'll probably only wind up clogging mailbase with even more
junk than what we hope to avoid. However, aside from simply refusing
on principle to deal with anyone who spams lists like pcp, does anyone
have any suggestions about how to deal with this crap? Since it's
impossible to email the spammer how 'bout sending some large heavy
parcels via snail-mail to :

> Magazine Club Inquiry Center
> Att. Internet services dept.
> PO Box 120990
> Staten Island NY 10312-0990

with neither postage nor return address, the words "postage payable on
delivery" scrawled on the outside, and a message saying "Janet Dove's
referral was a spam on a group I subscribe to" on the inside? Think
they'll get the hint after unwrapping a few bricks?

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