re: Introduction

Jack Adams-Webber (
Thu, 12 Oct 1995 14:02:48 -0400

>> There are almost certainly some truths whose statements are so complicated
>>that no human being could grasp them in full detail, and the Godel
>>sentences would probably fall into that category.
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>Given the length, vigour and lack of conclusions (yet) from this discussion,
>where does that leave the Fundamental Postulate?
>(Serious question. Honest!)

I cannot think of a short answer; however, for a long one, try the following:

Mancuso, J.C. & Adams-Webber, J. (1982). Anticipation as a constructive
process: The fundamnetal postulate. In J.C. Mancuso & J. Adams-Webber
(Eds.), The construing person (pp. 8-32). New York: Praeger.

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Department of Psychology Fax: 905 (688) 6922
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