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I just got this on the pcp network; Can you help this chap? -
seems interesting and subject to cribbing for extension by people like us.

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Dear PCP fellows,

I am currently conducting a research into the Perceptions of cross cultural
differences in organizational behaviour. The subjects are Chinese
managers who have worked in organizations in Hong Kong and have now been
working in Canada. Interviews with them have yielded very interesting
data and they are being analysed and threaded into different narratives
using the qualitative research approach. In the final part of the
interview I have asked the participants to go through a grid to develop
their constructs from the elements of :

Canada Boss, Chinese Boss; Canada Subordinate, Chinese Subordinate;
Canada Peer, Chinese Peer; Self

They were asked to do the triading on the following sets:

Canada Boss, Chinese Boss & Self
Canada Peer, Chinese Peer & Self
Canada Subordinate, Chinese Subordinate & Self
Chinese Boss, Chinese Subordinate & Self
Canada Boss, Canada Subordinate & Self
Chinese Peer, Chinese Subordinate & Self
Canada Peer, Canada Subordinate & Self
Chinese Boss, Chinese Peer & Self
Canada Boss, Canada Peer & Self
Plus a rating by them on provided construct of effective and ineffective
poles for each role set as they perceive.

There is less difficulty in computing the individual scores. I have also
extracted constructs from each which highlights their constructs of the
attributes specfic to each role set such as Canada Boss or Chinese Boss.
I am trying to work out cluster analysis and it is slightly mind bogging.
The major difficulties come to combining the 10 set of grids that I have
collected each with 7 common elements and 10 constructs. The Gpack
accepts the joining of the grid but the number of constructs for
computation is only 25 for 7 elements. The present set I have is 100 when
10 sets are put together.

May I request fellows to offer technical advice for me so that the ten
sets can be combined, compared or analysed. Your creative advice will be

I see the great potential in using PCP in management, organzational
behaviour and training. I have used PCP in developing competency for
leadership development but I have less used computer for such an
intensive study. I find the time spent on learning the technical side for
locating and computing the grids a set back for people who work in the
industrial and commerical world. But, it may be my low level of technical
competence in computing the grid.

I am in Toronto and any contact who are around this region will be
welcome to contact me at (905) 881-6143 or fax (905) 881-7207 as well so
that we can have exchanges.

Aaron PUN

Harry Oxley