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Dave Nightingale (
Wed, 18 Oct 1995 10:58:58 +0100

To all members of the social-theory, pcp, and radical-psychology lists:

As you are all aware there has been recent correspondence on the list
regarding how to leave the list (particularly on the RadPsy list). To
refresh everyone's memory, to leave the list you need to send the message:

leave ListName

(eg, social-theory, pcp, or radical-psychology-network)


PLEASE NOTE: If you have changed address since you joined the list you WILL
NOT be able to unsubscribe - please contact me if you have any difficulties

A further problem that has arisen recently is that a few members of the
lists have been removed at my request (when they wanted to remain on the
list). This is done for purely administrative reasons (more of that in a
minute) and in no way reflects upon their contributions to the list. Every
Monday morning when I log into my mail I have approx. 300 mail messages
regarding mail that could not be delivered to various members of the lists I
administer. For most of these it is apparent that the problem is transitory
and I take no action. However, under certain circumstances, I remove a
member from the list. These circumstances include:

1 A message informing me that there is no such user (normally occurs when
someone closes down a mail account but forgets to leave the mailing list first).

2 Host Unknown - arises when institutions change their basic mailing address.

Under the above circumstances I automatically remove the address as I
receive an error message for every message that fails to reach that account.

3 Mailbox Full - I normally ignore this message but if the problem persists
for over a week I tend to remove that person as my account gets swamped with
error messages.

Given the above, if I remove you from a list that you still want to be a
member of then please rejoin the list. To rejoin a list you need to send the

join ListName YourOwnName


Hoping the above makes things clearer, Dave

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We should not pretend to understand the world only by intellect.
We apprehend it just as much by feeling. Therefore, the judgement
of the intellect is, at best, only the half of truth, and must, if
it be honest, come to an understanding of its own inadequacy. Jung