re: Aboriginal suicide studies

Travis Gee (
Fri, 20 Oct 95 9:33:17 EDT

A. J. Zolten sez:
> A request from my collegues down under.
> I heard on our Natl Public Radio program this morning that there is
> a clear problem with Aboriginal Australians who commit suicide after
> an incarceration and that it is related to not having a concept of
> "imprisonment". As I am constructing an article about suicide risk
> (related to my 1994 NAPCN presentation) I would be very interested in
> acquiring any and all articles written in the Australian literature
> regarding this phenomenon. Can anyone help me identify articles and
> possibly send them via snail mail?

Well, there's an archive of tons and tons of Aussie stuff at this
gopher site:

Name=COOMBSQUEST Soc. Sci. & Humanities Information Facility (A.N.U.)
Name=soc-science-software at coomspapers otherarchives

I'm pretty sure there are search facilities in the gopher menus around
these two places that will locate anything that's been archived on
that topic (assuming it exists). Happy hunting!

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