01 Nov 1995 09:04:16 -0500

On 25 Oct 95 A. J. Zolten wrote:

>... My work has focused on understanding anxiety, stress and
>depression as process variables (rather than syndromes of
>symptoms) and have found great utility in constructing a model
>of coping distress/desparate problem solving for people who are
>unable to resolve anxiety/stress processes. My interest in the
>original post was related to this issue of unresolvability, and
>it sounded (from the news item) that the phenomenon was a good
>example of a problem that had no realistic solution for the
>people who experienced it.....

The issue of unresolvability would seem a very interesting
construct to consider further in relation to prison deaths. For
a number of people I have come across who have been/are going
into custody, a major issue is that they see no way out of their
situation. Rather than just a lack of hope, it appears to me
some issues just do not appear resolvable at a point in time and
the anxiety/distress this causes can be overwhelming.

I would be interested to hear more about the model you have
described and how you use it with people.


Bob Green