Greetings from the north of germany

Christian Haase (
Mon, 06 Nov 1995 22:28:22 +0100

Dear list members,
as suggested in your introduction message this is the brief synopsis of my work.
I am working as a psychologist and psychiatrist at the department of child &
adolescent psychiatry at the University of Kiel. At the present time I am
mainly working with in- and outpatients in the age of 6-12 and with their
Together with two other colleagues I am planning a study to investigate the
cognitive and emotional changes of the adolescent inpatients (12-18 years
old) through the whole process of our psychotherapy.
In particulary we are interested in the way the patients perceive themselves
and how they think they are perceived by others concerning the important
aspects of their life in the clinic (e.g. clinic school, individual
psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, dealing with their problems,
interpersonal relationships with other patients, their psychotherapists,
nurses and parents). We will use the Repertory Grid Technique as one method
and besides that we will be concerned with other methods, for example
content analysis of texts and questionnaires.
I would be very gratefull of any suggestions in the case anyone finds this
question interesting, has experience with similar questions or with
repertory grids with adolescent patients.

Thanks and Goodbye,

Christian Haase
Klinik f. Kinder und Jugendpsychiatrie
Zentrum Nervenheilkunde
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