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R. A. Neimeyer, U of Memphis (neimeyerra@MSUVX1.MEMPHIS.EDU)
Fri, 17 Nov 1995 16:59:32 -0600

David Sims requested that I post information on subscribing to the Journal
of Constructivist Psychology, so here goes.

JCP is unique among quarterly peer-reviewed journals in its focus on
constructivist thought, emphasizing original scholarship, research, and
application in such areas as personal construct theory,
structural/developmental and languaged-based perspectives on psychotherapy,
and narrative approaches to psychology and the human sciences more
generally. For those who are interested, I have appended some recent and
forthcoming tables of contents below.

If you are interested in subscribing, or simply in requesting a free sample
copy, just contact Taylor & Francis, the publisher, in Bristol, PA (USA) at
1-800-821-8312 or in Basingstoke (UK) at +44 (0) 256 840366. Inquiries can
also be faxed from other territories to the UK office at +44 (0) 256

Thanks for the interest, and let me know if you have any further questions.

Sample contents follow:

Journal of Constructivist Psychology

Volume 8 Number 4

Constructivism in Psychotherapy: Limits and Lessons
Guest Editor: Alvin R. Mahrer

What Lessons Does Constructivism Have for the Field Of Psychotherapy?
An Introduction And Some Of The Key Questions
Alvin R. Mahrer

Piaget and Derrida's Contributions to a Constructivist Psychotherapy
Donald E. Polkinghorne

Constructivism, Psychotherapy, and the Dialogue of Touchstones
Maurice Friedman

Is It Time For Clinical Psychology To Deconstruct Constructivism?
Maureen O'Hara

The Real Meaning Of Constructivism
Barbara S. Held

Configurationism: Constructivism From an Experiential Perspective
Arthur C. Bohart

A Solution to an Illusory Problem: Patients Construct Their Worlds;
Versus, There Really is a Reality
Alvin R. Mahrer

Limits and Lessons of Constructivism: Some Critical Reflections
Robert A. Neimeyer

Journal of Constructivist Psychology

Volume 9 Number 1


Opposites in a Dialogical Self: Constructs as Characters
Hubert J. M. Hermans (TA 37)

Narrative and Psychotherapy
C. Jeffrey Terrell and William J. Lyddon (TA 31)

Assymetric Relations in Positive and Negative Evaluations of Acquaintances
Jack Adams-Webber (EA 25)

Brief Reports

Commitment, Hostility, and the Scientist-as-Person
Connie M. Vaughn (TA 15)

Book Reviews

Reflections upon Reflections [Review of Hoshmand's and Martin's Research as
Praxis] (BK 5)
Robert A. Neimeyer

Revisioning Supervision [Review of Williams' Visual and Active Supervision]
(BK 4)
Suni Petersen

Journal of Constructivist Psychology

Volume 9 Number 2

Special Issue on Traumatic Stress

Guest Editors:
Kenneth W. Sewell, University of North Texas
Rue L. Cromwell, University of Kansas

Construing Stress: An Introduction


Hierarchical Elaboration in the Conceptual Structure of Vietnam Combat Veterans
Kenneth W. Sewell, Rue L. Cromwell, Jonathan Farrell-Higgins, Richard
Palmer, Carroll Ohlde, and Tom W. Patterson (EA 25)

Constructional Risk Factors for a Post-Traumatic Stress Response Following
a Mass Murder
Kenneth W. Sewell (EA 17)

A Personal Construct Model of Crisis Intervention Counseling for Adult Clients
Linda L. Viney (TA 25)

Professional Practice

Core Role Constriction and Vietnam Era Combat Veterans
Reid E. Klion and David T. Pfenninger (PP 16)

Constructivist Therapy with Traumatized Children
Tammie Ronen (PP 25)

Book Reviews

The Reframing of Paradoxical Intention for the Constructivist
[Review of The Reframing of Performance Anxiety]
Kenneth D. Ward (BK 5)

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